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Cadesio: can we change the world through chocolate?

Cadesio is a company based in Lausanne founded by three women with a dream: changing the world of today and moving towards a future that is more respectful of the elements that surround us. Being convinced that companies have a major responsibility in our society, we want to prove that these can merge business and responsible actions. This idea is what brought us to create our 9 chocolates: Hanami, Muditā, Nadi, Córe, Iride, Mesa, Gea, Santiago, Ventu. Each of them has a unique story, an innovative blend and a powerful message associated to several practices engaged in our daily activity, like our packaging made of vegetables and recycled fibers.

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We have a plan.
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Have you ever heard that if you dream alone, it remains a dream, but if we dream together, the reality begins? At Cadesio, we have a plan that involves everyone. We want an inclusive and sustainable world. Where diversity is not seen as a disadvantage, but rather as a strength. Where sharing is such a powerful habit that there are no longer borders. We want a world where beauty and joy are within everyone's reach. A world where knowledge and culture come to eradicate the most difficult challenges. We want to create a community of people who wish to start exploring this change and make it possible. What if, to achieve all of this, we started from chocolate?

Our approach

Inspire, support, act


To inspire means to make others feeling capable of anything. Our 9 chocolates, each with a unique taste and a powerful message to convey, have been carefully thought out so that each of you can explore its own potential.

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By supporting each other, we can transform our individual actions into collective achievements. This is why we have decided to associate each of our 9 chocolates with a non-profit organization that strives to create a better society on a daily basis.

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We tend to think that our daily actions do not make a difference. However, if we look back into history, we can retrace all greatest revolutions to someone’s dream. During the creation of our 9 chocolates, we have learned that sometimes in order to change the world, you simply need to set a good example.

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our team

We are ambitious dreamers

It's 2018 when Paola, a young Sicilian with a bachelor’s degree from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, decides to change life and dedicate her time to improving the society around her. Soon after, she gets introduced to Angela, a chef from Puglia with a degree from the Gambero Rosso School in Rome, and a great passion for chocolate. Paola shares with Angela her desire to start an entrepreneurial journey that can change people's life through a product everyone can buy. Angela welcomes the idea with great enthusiasm and decides to invest herself into this new project. A few months later, while discussing on how to turn this vision into a reality, they meet Oranne, a Swiss graduate in political science extremely fascinated by the world of media and communication. They explain her their idea: we want to change the world through chocolate. Oranne smiles. We are at the beginning of 2019, the adventure of Cadesio begins.

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