From plan
to action

What is our plan?
To encourage all of you to take small but powerful actions that will lead to collective achievements.

Certainly, we do not think that changing the world is easy. On the contrary, we know how it feels to be demoralized because of the many challenges we are facing. However, we also believe that if we all move in the same direction one small step at a time, we can really create a better future for us and for the next generations.

Why one step at a time? Because changing everything at once is not possible, and perhaps it is precisely in trying to do so, that we got stuck.
So, let's choose what we would like to change first, and let's do it.
For each chocolate we have chosen a theme that has led us to reflect firsthand. To each theme we have then associated various initiatives on three different axes: to inspire, to support and to act.


You can achieve anything

To inspire means making others aware of their potential and motivating them to turn their dreams into reality. Every detail of our 9 chocolates has been developed so that you can find the courage to believe in yourself, to get out of your comfort zone, and to have confidence in all that is waiting for you in the future. We would like that, after reading one of the stories we wrote for you, after seeing one of our posts on social media, or simply after retracing the flavor of our chocolate back in your memories, you decided to change something that no longer makes you feel good, in your life or in what surrounds you. Every moment belongs to you, every moment can initiate something extraordinary. Do not be afraid to dare.


Each chocolate
supports a cause

Each of our 9 chocolates supports a non-profit organization that day after day fights for a better society. We invite you to discover their mission.

Association Alzheimer Vaud

Supported by Córe

Since 1989, the Alzheimer Vaud Association has been defending the rights of people with memory issues, Alzheimer's disease or other related disorders, as well as those of their beloved ones.

In the canton of Vaud, around 12,500 people suffer from memory loss. But it is more than 37,000 people who actually see their lives turned upside down. In many cases, the care and support of the person affected is the responsibility of the family members. A difficult and demanding task, which puts the latter under severe strain. It is therefore necessary that they can benefit from information, advices and support. This is what this association strives to do every single day. The work of the Alzheimer Vaud Association also includes actions towards professionals, the public and the media.

"The Alzheimer Vaud Association is pleased to join the mission of Cadesio and its chocolate Córe, hoping to awake people’s memories through a sweet treat."

Association Les Ateliers du Cœur

Supported by Nadi

Recognized as being of public utility, Les Ateliers du Cœur is an unsubsidized volunteer association. Its purpose is to lighten the lives of children who are either hospitalized or who suffer from a chronic mental illness, and to support parents and siblings in their daily struggle.

The main activities of Les Ateliers du Cœur include administrative, logistical and psychological support, guard solutions, educational workshops and ZEN activities for mums.

"Les Ateliers du Cœur are proud and fortunate to be able to count on three exceptional godmothers, and share the vision of Cadesio and its Nadi chocolate. Companies have a major responsibility in creating a balanced society and must reconcile business and responsible actions".

Association Les Cartons du Coeur

Supported by Mesa

Les Cartons du Cœur, present in the Swiss Vaud district since 1993 and active in 357 municipalities, is a non-profit, voluntary and independent association with more than 700 volunteers, who manage the stock, prepare the boxes and make deliveries to people in need. The association also seeks funds and organizes various events to publicize and support its action.

The mission of Les Cartons du Cœur is to distribute food, hygiene and household essentials to several beneficiaries, such as the unemployed, single-parent families, the elderly, people with small loans, or young people looking for a first job.

"Our organization is proud to partner with Cadesio and its chocolate Mesa in order to raise consumer awareness of precariousness in Switzerland and to increase the number of donations to the less fortunate".

Association Lire et Ecrire

Supported by Ventu

The mission of the Lire et Ecrire Association is to make sure everyone has access to writing, no matter the age or the social background. Through several awareness campaigns, this association strives to inform as many people as possible about the reality of illiteracy in Switzerland in order to soften the problem as well as to encourage adults to develop their writing skills.

The Lire et Ecrire Association organizes several types of classes in about 40 localities of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. These courses are aimed at more than 1400 people each year, are delivered by qualified trainers, and make sure that participants are guided based on their needs, learning pace and personal objectives.

"Our association is happy to join forces with Cadesio and its fabulous chocolate Ventu to support the beneficiaries of the courses with a sweet touch, and to increase the visibility of the illiteracy problem in Switzerland".

Association Paires

Supported by Iride

The association PAIRES proposes, in collaboration with Action-Parrainages, the creation of tandems between a person seeking asylum or a refugee (foreign buddy) and a person living in Switzerland (Swiss buddy). It is active in the regions of Lausanne and Yverdon.

The idea is that each tandem meets several times a month to share simple activities such as drinking coffee, playing sports or going for a walk. If the buddy from Switzerland wishes so, she/he can also provide small administrative aids (assistance with housing or employment searches for example). This also allows the foreign buddy to get to know other people from Switzerland, practice her/his French and fight against a certain loneliness.

"Our association is happy to be associated with Cadesio and its chocolate Iride as together we can encourage consumers to discover other cultures, but also respond humanly to the migration issue".

Association Romande Trisomie 21

Supported by Hanami

Founded in 2000, the Association Romande Trisomie 21, also called ART21, welcomes more than 170 families from all over French-speaking Switzerland, who are concerned by this handicap.

Structured in several cantonal offices, this Association organizes activities that aim to encourage the social and professional integration of people affected by Down syndrome, promotes the exchange between their parents, and carries out awareness-raising activities for those directly involved with this disability as well as for the general public. ART21’s mission is to change the way our society looks at the world of mental disability by advocating that every human being is unique, like every bite of chocolate!

"We look forward to be part of the adventure of Cadesio and its chocolate Hanami. We can all learn from people with Down syndrome and their appreciation of the simple and beautiful things in life."

Fondation Planètes Enfants Malades

Supported by Mudita

For more than 18 years, the Planetès Enfants Malades Foundation has been working on a daily basis to improve the well-being and alleviate the suffering of more than 4,500 children and teenagers hospitalized or treated in the pediatric services of the hospital CHUV in Lausanne, by offering them a moment of joy and relaxation during their stay. The latter is a nonprofit foundation recognized as being of public utility, where any donation is exclusively attributed to continuing activities with hospitalized children and their families.

In close collaboration with the nursing staff, the foundation responds as closely as possible to the specific needs of young people by providing them with multiple activities related to music, sports, storytelling or hypnosis. Family support and pediatric medical research also play an important role in its mission.

"The Planetès Enfants Malades Foundation has decided to start a collaboration with Cadesio and its chocolate Muditā to expand a community that strive every day to bring a smile to hospitalized children."

Foundation myclimate

Supported by

myclimate is a non-profit organization which, together with partners from the economic sector as well as several individual supporters, wants to shape the future of our planet through climate protection projects, education and consulting services.

myclimate acts in accordance with three principles: avoid, reduce and offset. In order to avoid carbon emissions, it enhances knowledge surrounding climate change and climate protection, and it encourages people to act in their everyday life. To reduce emissions, it replaces fossil fuel sources with renewable energies, and it implements energy-​efficient technologies.  This foundation also offers different consulting services for companies who wish to take climate protection measures.

"Our organization is happy to be supported by Cadesio and its chocolate Santiago in raising consumers' awareness on the different solutions we can apply to protect the climate."

Summit Foundation

Supported by Gea

Since 2001, Summit Foundation has been committed to protecting the environment in highly frequented natural sites, particularly in mountains and through the prevention of littering.

Summit Foundation's main activities include prevention campaigns in about 80 ski resorts in Switzerland and France, waste collection activities in the spring season, and very simple and practical solutions to facilitate daily waste management, such as the "Ecobox" pocket bin.

"Our organization is proud to team up with Cadesio and its Gea chocolate to raise consumers' awareness of the environment through a sweet treat highly appreciated by the majority of the population".


one action at a time

We tend to think that our daily actions do not make a difference. However, if we look back into history, we can retrace all greatest revolutions to someone’s dream. During the creation of our 9 chocolates, we have learned that sometimes in order to change the world, you simply need to set a good example. That is why at Cadesio we decided to take inspiration from each of our chocolates to create several actions to be implemented in our work environment. A packaging made of vegetables and recycled fibers, meditation sessions, a minimalist and functional space with one wooden common table which let us reconnect with each other every day, flexible working hours, training courses offered by the company. And many other ideas to be yet developed. One action at a time, we want to create a healthy atmosphere for every individual being part of our adventure, because at the end of our working day, we all need to feel joyful and satisfied.


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