Chocolate and change

What drives people to change? It is from this question that Cadesio was born in 2019. Our company has a very specific social purpose: to spread a message of hope and push others to change things. How do we want to spread this message? Using chocolate as a carrier. "Ca" stands for cacao and for cambiamento (italian words for cocoa and change), "desio" is for desire. Desire of chocolate, but also desire to change our society. Nine chocolates, nine unique flavors, nine stories, nine foundations, one community.

We invite you to follow our adventure and to help us making this change possible.

We are ambitious

Paola Bellia

Founder & CEO

Born in Sicily and adopted by Switzerland, Paola grew up in close contact with entrepreneurship. After completing high school, she enrolled at the University of Physics and began working in her father's company.... Up to the point when she understood that her true passion was hospitality. After few years in London, she arrives in Switzerland, where she graduates from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. Ambitious and motivated, she begins her career convinced that she wants to reach the top of the biggest multinationals. But in 2018 the turning point takes place. She accepts a job in a non-profit foundation, rediscovering herself and the power of small actions. She understands that what she really wants is to make the world a better place. And she decides to do so with Cadesio.

Angela Romagnoli

Co-Founder & Product Director

She was born in Puglia, but her roots have no borders. In love with the numerous wonders of the culinary world, it is in 2011 that Angela decides to leave her hometown and her studies in biotechnology to pursue a different path. ... This new journey brings her to Rome, where she graduates from the Gambero Rosso School. From that moment, she begins several collaborations with Michelin restaurants and international luxury hotels, first in Italy, then in France, and finally in Switzerland. She is the sweetest part of Cadesio, the maître chocolatière mixing the most surprising ingredients in search of the perfect recipe. She also takes care of the technical aspects of the packaging.

Oranne Corelli

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

She was born in Switzerland but sees herself as a global citizen. After an experience in a non-profit foundation in New York as a volunteer helping children and young people from deprived neighborhoods, she returns to... to Europe to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science. Her career starts with various collaborations with brands in the field of watchmaking and fashion. It’s 2018 when she decides to come back in a non-profit foundation, this time in Lausanne. Always fascinated by the world of marketing, she is in charge of communicating the mission of Cadesio: to change the world through chocolate.


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