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The power of knowledge

May 23rd, 1992. A strong thunder, a black cloud in the sky, the road trembling. It is the Capaci bombing. Giovanni Falcone is assassinated in Palermo. Two months after, on July 19th, it's Paolo Borsellino's turn. Two Sicilian heroes who unintentionally became heroes all over the world, known for having dedicated and then lost their lives in the fight against the Mafia. During his battle, Falcone always repeated that the mafia is not about people who shoot you, but rather about those who try to isolate you, because it’s easy to scare an individual who feels lonely and abandoned. And do you know what can make us feel less lonely in such a complex historical period? Realizing that in the past heroes like them have managed to make a change.

With our chocolate Ventu we would like to encourage each of you to spend more time on culture, because our knowledge is what will eradicate our most tenacious fears and rebuild individual and collective identities.

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