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Your unexpected journey

The history of travel started in the third century BC, when the first ships loaded with the most precious spices sailed to Rome from the ports of Myos Hormos and Berenice in Egypt. Few centuries after, under the reign of Constantine the Great, began the first religious pilgrimages. But it’s only in the medieval period that Saint James of Compostela became a sacred destination. Armed with a stick and a cloak, travelers from that time started heading towards this city to atone for their sins or to obtain miracles and indulgences. In a way, today we also travel to seek some kind of salvation: from our daily lives, from monotony, from something that does not make us feel good. But what if traveling meant getting closer rather than getting away?

With our chocolate Santiago we would like to encourage each of you to reach a new destination in order to find yourself and discover new cultures and new lifestyles.

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