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The child in you

Do you remember the drawing of the boa eating an elephant in the book The Little Prince? Exactly, that’s how children are. Spontaneous, intuitive and capable of imagining fantastic worlds by simply using a pencil and a piece of paper. On the other hand, we (the adults), see a hat instead of a boa because, over the years, we became unable of dreaming about even the simplest things. The more we grow, the more we tend to disconnect from our deepest impulses and emotions. And yet, when we watch a child laughing, we can suddenly feel what in India is called muditā, a feeling of full and unconditional joy fired by the happiness of someone else. And perhaps, it is precisely by letting ourselves go to this joy that we can rediscover our freedom.

With our chocolate Muditā we want to encourage you to awaken your inner child and to find back your spontaneity.

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