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A shared memory

What does a shared memory taste like? When we were little, summer was our favorite moment of the year. The whole family gathered either in the country or in the beach house, where each day passed by one laugh and one coffee at the time. But the moment we all looked forward to the most was that of dinner. Early in the morning, we could already smell the scent of homemade bread. Before everyone woke up, our grandmothers would let us sneak into the kitchen to taste one of their delicacies. But to try everything, we would have to wait until dinner time. A new guest used to share the mesa with us every evening. We will never forget the magic of these moments. The great dedication and generosity that our grandmothers put into creating such a sense of community and union through food, was one of their greatest teachings for us.

With our chocolate Mesa we want to encourage each of you to create new stories around the table, and rediscover the power of sharing what we have with other people.

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