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A colorful celebration

That girl has an unusual behavior. He should go back to his own country. Look how that boy dressed up, he looks too feminine. We tend to see diversity as a limitation of our society. But what if all the people we meet every day were actually a reflection of ourselves? Although history has been teaching us that human beings are reluctant to accept the differences of other human beings, we have decided to start looking at the world with a different eye. We strongly believe that our sexual orientation, our religious belief, or the color of our skin do not make us better or worse people. We are all different colors of the same painting. Today, it is time to treat others the same way we would like to be treated, without exception. Because talking about inclusion is no longer enough, we need to start acting on a daily basis.

With our chocolate Iride, we invite you to embrace diversity and to discover how beautiful the world can be when we get closer to each other.

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