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The beauty of the essential

From the Venus of Willendorf in the Paleolithic to the Venus of Botticelli in the Renaissance, each era has had canons of beauty which have inspired us. But what is beauty really? There are those who find it in a painting, some in a sonata for piano, and others in a summer sunset. People in Japan have been capturing beauty in every spring since the third century, by gathering around cherry trees to observe their flowers blooming. This practice, the hanami, has many significances: new beginnings, luck, and prosperity. But its deeper meaning is linked to the fugacity of its duration. In fact, the vision of cherry blossoming is wonderful, but doesn’t last very long. Just when this reaches its peak it is already time for another flowering.

With our chocolate Hanami, we want to encourage you to appreciate the little wonders around you, because is there that the true beauty of life is hidden.

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